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Lisbeth Salander was judged mentally incompetent to run her own life, so the State took over her assets and gave her an allowance to live on.  She is a genius, but her behavior did not suit the “suits,” so she was subjugated.   

In a similar manner, Congress, which from its inception was intended to represent the will of the people, has usurped individual freedoms and turned into a feudalistic fiefdom, lording it over the populace, turning us into vassals, slaves.  They think they know better than we, and almost daily are returning us to the Middle Ages; yet they are outraged when our President acts in like manner, usurping their duties and lording it over them as an autocrat.

We are in a maelstrom of our own making.  Are we reaching the point of no return?


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Well, He does, so let’s rephrase that:  If Jesus Walked the Earth Today

I have a Twitter account.  (I wanted to tweet with Abby on NCIS during an episode.  While trying to “follow” all the tweets, I came to the end of the episode not having the faintest idea what had transpired.)  I seldom use Twitter.

Something said from the pulpit last night birthed this idea:  Jesus had followers.  How different, really, would they be today?  Would they “follow” Him on Twitter?  If He came to earth in our time (He may yet), would he take advantage of today’s technology and have a Facebook page or tweet?  I somehow doubt it.  He spoke to thousands, but He was only intimate with those he really knew closely.

If, as was said last night, only a fraction of those who “follow” someone actually pay any attention to the one whom they “follow,” would that apply to His followers?  Would it apply as it did back then?  How many would follow his persona, and how many Him, His teachings?

I also imagine that there would be pretenders with Facebook pages named Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus, King of Kings, etc., posting all kinds of balderdash, much as there are churches and “ministries” who use His name without His permission or leadership.

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In prayer this morning, I realized I was thanking Jesus, as my Big Brother, for watching over me and protecting me from the bully, the god of this world. Having Him watch over us isn’t so 1984, is it?

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 Are you old enough to remember the anti-pollution commercial with Iron Eyes Cody as the Native American with a tear in his eye as he witnessed the polluting of America?  Were The Duke alive today, he’d have that same tear in his eye over the political and moral polluting of the  America he loved.


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