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A friend indicated, in essence, that he’d like to get involved in doing something to help save the planet.

Were mankind able, with the Earth’s population what it is and is going to be, to “do something” about the environment, “Western” (read “modern”) countries would be the only ones, considering the expense and sacrifice, to participate. Countries like China and India, to name a couple, would be the big kids on the teeter-totter, outpacing and countering our meager efforts.

That said, while I don’t think we should thoughtlessly trash our Host, I think that Earth will take care of itself, even if it means inconveniencing the pitiful race of humans who think so highly of themselves as to build an environmental Tower of Babel.

That,too, said, I’d be less concerned with Mother Nature and my relationship with her, and more concerned with Father God and my relationship with Him. We’ll be here until That Day when we’re not, whether yanked, as believers, plumb out of here, or we die, or He pulls the cord and rolls the Universe up like a window shade.


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I’m one of those folks who believes that because the USofA isn’t referred to, even obliquely, in the Scriptures that we will have to, as an entity of any consequence, cease to exist. Congress and the “takers” are doing their best to make it happen. We are a nation of consumers, and even import much of our food, whereas when I was young we exported. Putting ourselves in that position puts us at the mercy of other nations, and they don’t seem to practice mercy.

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I just read a story about some folks in Sioux City, Iowa who had decisions to make when their jobs were either abolished or moved to South Dakota.  Some retired, some commute, some commute on weekends, and some pulled up stakes and followed the mail.  One sentence got me thinking:  “They’ve found a church they like.”

The members of the church body where I attend and serve are family.  Some are friends, some coworkers in ministry; all, at some point in time, may be  advisers and counselors, in addition to the pastoral staff.  I can understand the pressure those postal folks felt, and I can’t fault them; however, I don’t know that I could have made the same decision.  Income is a worrisome thing these days, but there are some at my church who have left jobs and not followed natural family in order to remain with the church family.  For some, their entire lifestyle changed.

One may find a good church, but finding a substitute family along with proper doctrine is not easily accomplished.  Would I let the Postal Service order my steps?  Or would I look to the One who ordered my steps to come here in the first place?

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