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He didn’t put us in Iran. He didn’t put us in Cuba. He didn’t put us in Venezuela. He put us in the USofA, where we can vote. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be presumptuous. Do the hard thing: No matter how distasteful it may be, study the candidates and their records, not their rhetoric, for the next 90 days. Seek His wisdom and get off it and VOTE!

Article: Christians, Silence is NOT an Option!

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This happened over a period of six months in 1942, 70 years ago, but it is very significant.  If you’ve never read Richard Tregaskis’ Guadalcanal Diary, or seen the B&W movie (which has an outstanding cast and is one of the best WWII movies of all time), you really should do so.  Here are two links of historical interest on the subject:

The Guadalcanal Campaign



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When I was a kid, I liked BOOKS (nothing much has changed there). I’d been promised a pick worth a book o’ stamps at the S&H store, so I looked around and there – way up high on the shelf – was a BOOK, and it “cost” one book o’ stamps! My parents were like, “How about these nice poker chips, or these glass cozies (socks to absorb the condensation), or these swizzle sticks? What do you want THAT for??”

“It’s a BOOK, isn’t it?” So I got my BOOK, THE BOOK, a Bible.

Except for the “Christmas story,” I couldn’t make heads or tails of it – until I became born again and He opened my mind and heart to His Word.

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