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The Burden of the Lord

When I was first saved, mine was a church which exhaustively taught the Bible.  I had to delve into word meanings, parallel Scriptures, end-times prophecy and a host of other areas which gave me a foundation for knowing what I believe and for sharing with others.  Doing so was in no way a burden.  Frankly, I miss all that.  I also had acquaintances who would pummel me with questions—usually in a confrontational manner—which led me to mine the Scriptures for answers, which I gave them.  And when I responded, it was with only Scripture.  One young friend came to the Lord in this way, and just in the nick of time, too, for she became ill and died not long after.


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Thank you, Pastor!

(This was written in 2008, on my spiritual birthday.

I thought it was time to share it again, this time publicly.)

You were asked to do a funeral,

“No thank you,” you replied.

But then the Spirit caught you

And wouldn’t be denied.

You called and said, “I’ll do it,”

Though it was Him inside,

And came and preached salvation to

A crowd from far and wide.

Some wondered if you’d ever stop;

You went until you’d done,

And reached a heart for Jesus.

I know this; I’m the one.

Some may not have listened,

And some ached to depart,

But as you closed and said that prayer,

I asked Jesus in my heart.

That you obeyed and led me to

The One Who died for me,

Was but the first of many times

You gave of self for me.

I’ve watched you live an open life

Before me many years;

I’ve laughed at pulpit humor,

I’ve joined you in your tears.

Not just by speech but by your life

You show to us the way

That we can be like Jesus

And join Him on that Day.

“Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am a life that was changed.

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am so glad you gave.”

Steve Scott (with appreciation to Ray Boltz)

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The New Year

It’s funny how there seems to be something built-in in our collective psyche which turns its back on the miscalculations and misdeeds of the previous year and, like one definition of insanity, expects different results in the upcoming year without actually changing the basis for their living.  As a Christian, I know that I must make my “resolutions,” resolve each day—not each year—to submit to the Word of God and allow Jesus to rule my life and to live through me.  I also resolve to, when I fail, acknowledge my failure(s), turn from doing it my way, and seek and receive His forgiveness, not dwelling on my miscarriages, but pursuing Him and His way.

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