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Chapter One seems finished,  and is roughly seven-and-a-half pages, double-spaced, and 2,300 words.

Don’t know if that’s a good “score,” or if publishers even care about that sort of thing.

Chapter Two is coming along nicely, but I need to stop.  My Weber grill is calling me!

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End of Watch

One takes their chances with an R-rated movie.  With a cop movie we figured violence would be the trigger.  We reached our “End of Watch,” that is our end of watching this film, within a very few minutes of having begun it.  It was not just profanity-laced, but only speckled here and there with barely enough decent words to glue together the strings of profanity.  The characters were on a par with the yahoos from Animal House or Porky’s, but without the redeeming qualities.  These supposedly college-educated police officers behaved like nose-picking adolescents.  Scary to think that in real life folks like these might be armed.  I’m from a police family, with a Captain and Chief of police as well as a beat cop, and while there were times of frivolity and rough language, underneath was the seriousness of the job.  All that was reflected in End of Watch until we ejected the DVD was patently juvenile.  We’re going to give our law enforcement folks more credit than that.

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