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Christmas Far From Home

A good Christmas message from one of our Kenya missionaries:


It’s Christmas season, 2013. It is our 5th Christmas spent in Eldoret, Kenya.

To overstate the obvious, Christmas is significantly different here in Kenya than it is in the U.S. There is the frenzy of Christmas, by Kenyan standards, but it centers around traveling “upcountry” to visit family.

Normally, things are purchased for the time at home, such as flour, sugar, and tea. Depending on which geographic / ethnic area one is from, there is also the looking forward to different types of meat (goat – mbuzi, fish – samaki, chicken – kuku) and different other Christmas traditional foods.

The church is typically part of a Christmas celebration. Many churches have a time together on Christmas Day, some on Christmas Eve, and some churches schedule an overnight service (kesha) during this time of year.

Missing is a lot of the Western commercialization that has overtaken many parts of the world…

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