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Folks keep asking me how my novel is coming along.  Well, the truth is, the novel is on hold for now.  I feel like some changes need to be accomplished in me, primary of which is spending more time with God.  Much like writer’s block, however, it can be harder than it sounds.  The old brain always comes up with something to think on instead of Him.  Even if it’s a “good” thing, if it’s about me instead of Him it’s the wrong thing.

A friend of mine, in church the other day, allowed himself to be used by the Holy Spirit to exhort the assembly.  He spoke mightily, edifying us all, and I wish I had been able to record the prophecy.[1]  The phrase which stood out, repeated several times in different “scenes,” was, “It was just another day.”  Until the Holy Spirit moved, it was just another day.  From the believers gathering at Pentecost (Acts 2), to the lame man at Gate Beautiful (Acts 3), to Saul the Christian-hunter submitting and being baptized (Acts 9), as well as many other miraculous happenings, each time it was just another day—until someone listened, like my friend did, and complied with a particular move of the Holy Spirit.

I’ve been there.  I’ve laid hands on the sick and seen them recover immediately.  I’ve prayed and had individuals receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit “at my hands.”  I’ve seen folks delivered when demonic spirits were driven out.  And I’ve seen folks clinically dead restored to life when the doctors had given up.

I miss that, but I’m not going to seek those occurrences, just Him.

That’s why the novel and this blog have been ignored for the past while.

I’ll be back, I believe, authoring again, after I’m able to really put Him first.

[1]Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” “For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged” (1 Corinthians 14:1 and 14:31 NKJV).


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