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Now, I know the Internet is not actually “free.”  Much like television and radio, it is paid for by advertising.  And much like newspapers and magazines, they’d like to ensure you “subscribe,” even if it’s for free, so they can use you as a number to show advertisers their site is worth the expense.  It is for this reason that I periodically click on ads, to help them provide this for me.

What I have noticed a lot lately, however, is that when I go to a news page, before I can even read one line (I detest video “stories”), my view is blocked by a dialog box asking me either to rate their site or subscribe to it — before I’ve really even seen it!. It appears they’ve jumped on Nancy Pelosi’s “You have to pass the bill so you can read it” bandwagon.

C’mon, folks!  Have you seen just how that’s worked out so far?  


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