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Mary and I have flowerbeds in front of our house, and a little fountain depicting a boy and a dog drinking from an old-fashioned pump. As the variety and number of wildlife grew, we found it was impossible to keep the flowers. They were constantly being eaten by the critters. We didn’t know whether it was the deer, the skunks, the chipmunks, the rabbits, the foxes, or the coyotes, but we couldn’t afford to keep buying plants. We came up with an answer: Michael’s! Last year, we bought lots of artificial flowers and put those, in pots, in the flowerbed. Spring-to-Fall color, and the animals would leave them alone, right? Well, they pretty much did so last year, but not this year. Something (we’ve narrowed it to foxes or coyotes, but lean toward the latter) has not only been attempting to eat the fake flowers, but has been carting them to an adjacent yard and trying to gain nourishment by chewing the fabric petals. One would think that even the least cogitative of animals would eventually realize, “That guy’s flowers are horrid. Let’s try somewhere else!” Nope. These furries keep coming back for something that simply isn’t there! Ah, nature!


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