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Grab a Kleenex. John 11:25-26 (Never Die).


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Scientists Weren't Always As Stupid As They Are Now.

Tell me about it! Working in the yard, I repeatedly tell my wife, “The Sun seems hotter on me than in times past.”

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She writes, “This is one of the few shows my husband and I will sit down and watch together.” Not only that, it’s cleaner than most, and the care and artistry that goes into each episode, from writing and lighting to cinematography, excels most hotshot movies out there today – and they use real locations, not green screens (Chroma Key).

It's Better Than You Think

Unless you are new on social media, you have probably heard that A&E  has cancelled that most excellent of shows Longmire. This is one of the few shows my husband and I will sit down and watch together.

They claim that the viewers were in an “older” age range and did not spend money.  That has started a conversation that may or may not be a good thing, time will tell.  The first thing I thought of was an older book by Art Linkletter, OLD AGE IS NOT FOR SISSIES.  If you do not know who Art Linkletter was check wikipedia.

I won’t go into all the statistics they are out there.  For one hour starting at 8pm est or 5 pm pst get on your twitter or FB page and post and retweet other posts about this wonderful show.  Remember to use the hashtag  #Longlivelongmire.  check out the Possee…

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A Day At The Kakamega Church.

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Thoughts on 9/11

Sitting here, thinking about September 11, 2001. I was home, awaiting the A/C checkup guy, who hadn’t shown. I tried calling the office, but all the lines were “down.” After a while, the phone rang and it was Mary, “Do you have the TV on?” No, I didn’t. “Turn it on. Any channel.”

Nothing was the same after that. I sat, mesmerized, feeling helpless that there was nothing I could do to help, then the news that a plane had hit the Pentagon. Now it was HERE. Now, I felt I must do something, but what? Just like when Air Florida Flight 90 hit the 14th Street Bridge in January of 1982, everything in me wanted to brave the elements and help, but – really – there was nothing to do but watch and pray.

The scenes of folks jumping from the towers to avoid the flames…they remind me of something. As a Christian, I believe that a horrendous future awaits those who do not accept Jesus as Lord. What I should be seeing in my mind is a scene similar to 9/11, with folks falling into the flames. Watching and praying should be done, but I need to reach out and try to give a chance of rescue for folks before they jump into eternity.

Last night, I heard that a coworker, who retired just this January, had suddenly passed away. He had refused anything to do with Jesus, and I hurt for him.


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The Last Roundup

God can bring lucidity when He wants to, as He did with my Mom.

Calvary Temple Outreach

Before my father was born again he played the piano in a jazz band. He played mostly weddings, parties and nightclubs. I remember being eight and screaming out, “Play Watermelon Man!” over and over at one of his gigs until he finally played it. I think that was the last nightclub appearance I was allowed to make.

Amazing Grace Dad playing in a club on a cruise ship

After he was saved he traded in his powder blue tux and became the church pianist and choir director. When he played Amazing Grace people would often ask him “Where did you learn to play the piano? You didn’t learn to play like that in a church.” He would just flash a smile. Even more than he loved to entertain he loved to minister to people. One of our activities every Sunday after morning church was Nursing Home Visitation. I was forced to had the pleasure of…

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In Daniel, Chapter Four, Nebuchadnezzar pats himself on the back, attributing all his success to himself alone. It appears God, to humble him and “get his head straight” about Who really runs things, makes him something like a lycanthrope, effectively turning him into an animal. It took seven years to complete the work, after which time Nebuchadnezzar gave glory to God and was restored.

In Matthew 26, Peter was among those who asked, “Is it I?” Eleven verses later, in pride he said he would never be offended by his association with Jesus, even saying he’d die for Him. It was later in the same chapter when he denied his connection to Jesus three times, the last with an oath. Yet Jesus, knowing Peter’s heart, upon His resurrection said, “Go and tell the disciples and Peter.” And it was Peter, in Acts, Chapter Two, who preached fearlessly the first sermon after the birth of the church. Humility. Pride. Fear. Boldness. Peter had it all, just like we do.

We keep thinking we know our own hearts, but only God can do so. Only the Holy Spirit can discern our true thoughts and intentions and show them to us to effect repentance.

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