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Mighty to Save, Pt. 3

“Mighty to Save” is right!

Calvary Temple Outreach

Last week I gave a good report about ten kids receiving their salvation in the Juvenile Detention Center after a guest speaker shared his powerful testimony.  Today in our final installment of Mighty to Save I’m going to share the details of that testimony with you.

praying man

His father abandoned his family of 10 when he was only five years old.   As a child, his life was ruled by anger and violence. Robbery, vandalism, and excessive fighting was a means to survive.

He began smoking, drinking, and getting high in elementary school.  To put that in perspective for you, that is roughly the ages of 5 to 11 years old.  Soon his life was controlled by drugs and alcohol. Like a garbage can junkie, he was always trying out whatever new drug hit the street.  To support his habit he began dealing marijuana.  His drug use escalated and soon he was both using and dealing everything from several kilos…

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Could You Raise a Samuel?

Nothing replaces a relationship with Father. A lack of relationship is truly the only pre-requisite for hell.

The most important thing you can ever give your children is an understanding of their need for a Savior.

We do not want to raise little kids who obey all the rules, we want to raise up little children who, like Samuel, obey the voice of God.

Calvary Temple Kids Chapel

At Calvary Temple, we have a year around schooling for our children. Following a break, I take some time to review much of what we have talked about in the previous 8 weeks. Normally, during the first few minutes I try to hear from the kids how their week went, if they had any fun adventures on their vacations, or any funny stories to share. After a week break from the daily schedule the kids are normally excited about something different that happen to them.

As always, the kids were sharp off the bat. I asked them what we have been talking about and immediately hands were raised and the answer came back, “The Sin Problem“. We have been dealing with that topic for some time, my hope is to share with them so clearly our need for a Savior.

We have many generations of “church kids” in our community. I myself am a “church kid” being born and…

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Poisonous Snakebite Healing.

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The Vision

I just ran across my friend and brother’s (Tony Schwartz) initial post on his blog. If you’re anywhere near Winchester, Virginia, you may wish to check out this study. If you’re not, I suggest you read this to see how it came about biblically.

Calvary Temple Winchester

An Introduction by Tony Schwartz

To kick things off for the Calvary Temple Winchester blog, we think it would be fitting to share the testimony of how this outreach came about. We apologize, in advance, for the length of this post and will endeavor to have shorter posts moving forward. We have included some excerpts from an email that I sent to Pastor Star Scott, our senior pastor at Calvary Temple Sterling, VA. This was written on June 5th, 2013:


Early in March, Father directed me very specifically in the area of prayer. As I was beginning to walk this out, I was awakened at 5am one morning with the Lord sharing with me that He was finished with me in the prison ministry. I spent the remainder of the day praying about that and when I was sure this was the direction Father wanted…

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Mighty To Save Pt. 1

Lisa shares from a heart of prayer and compassion and experience.

Calvary Temple Outreach


Being a parent is hard.  And one of the hardest trials a parent has to face is raising a rebellious child.  My own son decided that he didn’t want to serve God when he was 14.  He wanted to leave our church and go to public school to get some street cred so he could impress other rebellious kids.  We were devastated but we wanted him to come to the realization for himself that he needed Jesus.  His first day of public school, the first kid he met offered him ecstasy and he accepted it.  He was instantly addicted.  If he could get his hands on it he would take it.  He didn’t run with the wrong crowd – he WAS the wrong crowd – and the first time he ran away from home was on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.  Sometimes parenting sucks. get a dog

His school called us in several times and told us…

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