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I have to share this wonderful testimony!

Calvary Temple Miracles


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Today at Calvary Temple Miracles I wanted to share about the Deliverance of Fear. This testimony is about Donna Wotring and how the Lord set her free! God is so god! Please visit us at Calvary Temple Ministries with Pastor Star R. Scott at http://www.calvarytempleva.

For years I’ve struggled with believing for healing. I believe He can heal and that He will heal you but why would God healme? Earlier this year began a move of the Spirit in our fellowship that had caused me to think about healing more. I really needed a whole body healing/wholeness. I have several minor things I deal with consistently…dental issues, digestive issues, thyroid disease, but the biggest one is fear. I’ve been bound by fear and anxiety in dealing with panic attacks for several years.

It had been so heavily on my mind, I knew during one particular…

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How I Found the Right Church (And How You Can, Too).

Mike’s testimony, though he meanders a bit, is worth reading and thinking about.  I’ll add that if you attend church services as an addendum to your life, if you’re just checking off something instead of seeking God, you’re missing out.

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She writes, “The Pilgrims lost 50% of those that had traveled over on the Mayflower with them. Imagine! Just think of journeying to a new land and half of your group dies!” It made me think of “my” church. Little more than a handful when I became born again, that small church grew to hundreds, most of whom came, I fear, for the miracles which were happening. Alas, when the Pastor felt The Lord leading him to turn from the notoriety which had come with the great moving of the Holy Spirit, and to focus on becoming more (holy) like Jesus, we again became a small fellowship, and folks leave because we don’t just give assent to the Word of. God, but try to walk it out. We pray that these didn’t die spiritually, as the many Pilgrims did physically.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

This is the third and last post in a Thanksgiving series.  I do not often quote other writers on this site but the facts in this post are taken from “Thanksgiving, A Time to Remember” by Barbara Rainey.

“By October 1621 the corn planted that spring was ready for harvest.  The fields yielded a large crop that would keep the colony from starvation in the coming winter.  Their hearts were full of gratitude for their renewed health, for the abundant harvest, and for the peace they enjoyed with the Indians.

William Bradford, who at thirty three years of age had been elected leader of the colony after the death of John Carver that summer, was thankful for the harvest.  As the new governor, he declared that Plymouth should hold a thanksgiving festival and invite the settlement’s Indian friends as special guests.  A date was set, and an invitation delivered to…

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Calvary Temple Puppets – The Good Samaritan.

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God’s Agapé Love

A friend’s thoughts on God’s love:

Ye Olde Path

When I was in my late pre-teens, I had read or learned somewhere—I don’t remember where or how, possibly some tract, pamphlet or something—the words “God is love.”  I’d never seen that before, and so I thought on it (which, later, turns out to be meditation) for a long time, trying to make sense out of it.  I wasn’t saved (born-again) at the time, so I didn’t really understand it.  “God is Love.”  He loves.  Hmm.  That’s about all I could get.

Looking back on it now, it wasn’t the first time I’d learned anything about God.  The first time was when I filled out a kind of Catholic questionnaire which was a prerequisite for taking the Catholic communion.  The questionnaire led me to the Scripture which told the fact that Jesus Christ died for me.  I was about 9 years old (which would be 1966).  I thought, “He died…

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Witnessing in Winchester is an amusing, truthful narrative, and it explains why those folks are knocking on your door.  Which scene describes how you deal with the knock?

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