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I saw a post on Facebook where the writer asked whether it was inconsiderate to retain the last name of her ex-husband when she marries her new fiancé. My response was something to the effect that if that’s her mindset he should run away from her as far and as fast as he can, as she is thinking only about herself, not him.

That post, in turn, made me think about marriages in general, and as the body of Christ, our marriage to our husband, Jesus. I awoke this morning with the thought that in my relationship with Christ my self should be dissolved—disappeared, if you will—into my Lord. I should take thought for His desires, not my own, and I should seek not those things which gratify me, but which gratify Him.

Our earthly marriages are (or should be) a type or pattern of what our heavenly marriage will be. That means that each party should be seeking the good of the other party (First Corinthians 13:5), not their own. Genesis, Matthew (twice), Mark, First Corinthians, and Ephesians all say that husband and wife shall become “one flesh,” and that they are no longer two entities.

As for the last name, as Ephesians, Chapter Five says the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church (and how much the head is He?), it seems that the conjoined pair should take the husband’s family name. I am happy, here on earth, to be called Christian, and look forward to being one with Him someday, without the baggage of my own will, my flesh.


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I called him “Old Man Mose” (a reference to an oracle in an old western) because he wouldn’t always say anything, often just listen, but when he spoke you knew it would be wisdom from the heart of God.  Heaven’s gain is our loss.

Gene Hayden’s Home Going.

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