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(I won’t watch the Oscars; it is just one of over a hundred so-called awards shows where folks in an “industry” gather to pat one another on the back – and the public is supposed to care.)

I see in the news that a vulgar black comic (who was paid HOW MUCH?), denegrated the industry process by claiming it’s racist.

There ARE some great black talents out there, so why, instead of trying to send messages, don’t they, like the original United Artists, get together and produce some great ENTERTAINMENT which will simply appeal to their Academy peers? It is, after all, the Academy members who decide who rates the little golden guy.

Same goes for the ticket buyers. They want to be entertained; cater to THEM.


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I was reminiscing about some of my earliest “real” reading, of The Hardy Boys (I had the whole series up through the early sixties). Folks who were outraged to discover that Tom Clancy had people ghosting his later stories should give him a break; both The Hardy Boys (since 1929) and Nancy Drew were written by contracted writers using the pen names Franklin W. Dixon and Caroline Keene, respectively.

I graduated to reading every book by Earl Stanley Gardner (before my teens), then every hardboiled detective from Phillip Marlow to Mike Hammer and beyond.

As a young adult, i reached my highest plateau: I averaged three books most afternoons after work. I read at a rate that had the pages turning Fast enough to make the story go by like a movie, and I became truly immersed in the action.

Nowadays, I try to make a novel last several days, but a truly great author can make it extremely difficult not to read “just another chapter.”

That, if I ever finish my novel, is one of my goals.

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