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Fifteen years on.

I was at home, having taken the day off for my annual HVAC inspection. He was late, very late. I tried phoning the office but couldn’t get through. I tried his cell phone but couldn’t get through. Seemed as if everything was down.

Then Mary called. “You have the TV on?”


“Turn it on.”

“What channel?”

“Any channel.”

Thus began, for me, the multiple horrors of September 11, 2001. There was nothing I could do but pray, frozen in front of the TV, as yet another plane hit the Twin Towers, then the Pentagon, then one into a field in Pennsylvania (thanks to action by brave passengers).  Other than later gather supplies for the first-responders at the Pentagon, and pray, there was nothing I could do.

We were gonna “get ’em,” but we have yet to stem the tide of attacks by Islamic Terrorists. (Yes, I said it. Not Russians, not North Koreans, not any other group: Islamic terrorists.) Will our upcoming Administration’s leader do better?

Fifteen years, and it’s as if it were last month. What were you doing when time stopped for a day?


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