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A Christmas Blessing

This past Sunday morning, I was in our church’s media room (Video Control, Sound Mastering and duplication) chatting with a father and his soon-to-be nine-year-old son, when the boy said, “I can hardly wait for Christmas!”  I asked what, in particular, he was looking forward to.  Now, get this.  He’s a nine-year-old boy in 2016.  His answer floored me.  Knowing his family, I shouldn’t have been surprised, but this is something the average nine-year-old kid would frown at, maybe even be disappointed with.  But he was excited and already being thankful.  “I’m getting a robe!”  He had been wanting what I grew up calling a bathrobe, but didn’t have one.  “Mom took me to the store to be sure it would fit, and I even got to pick out the colors!  Sometimes, we can open a present Christmas Eve.  I hope we can this year, ’cause I want to wear my robe Christmas Eve!”

Wrap your twenty-first century head around that!  Initially, I was a bit surprised.  Not an Xbox, cell phone, video game, 3D VR headset, or anything like these.  Not a Disney cruise.  A robe.  As the minutes passed, I felt more and more blessed by this child’s priorities and thankfulness for something personal and simple.  Here I am, tearing up two days later, over how Christ’s mind has been worked in this boy’s heart at nine years of age.  What a testimony to his parents’ lives!

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV)

Merry CHRISTmas, everyone!


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A civil servant, on his own time, at home, posts something critical of something in the Liberal catalog of things about which they are offended.  This individual is excoriated, not only by the #LoudLiberals, but by those who were once this individual’s allies and friends.

A Liberal Hollywoodite, Broadway actor, or sports figure, while performing for folks who paid to see him/her, exercises their supposed “right to free speech” and has the temerity to lecture or to castigate the one who paid to see them.  The Liberal is defended for their behavior.

Whether at a sports match or on Broadway, or at a televised awards show, these are not exercising their constitutional right, but bullying – picking on the quiet kid with glasses – just like we deplore when done in grade school.  How does the same act, when punished in grade school, become elevated to laudable status when practiced as supposed adults?  It doesn’t – except in the eyes of other bullies.

Another thing: how can “Hamilton” advertise only for players of color?  Suppose I wanted to put on the musical “Booker T”?  Think I could get away with advertising “Only whites need apply”?

Just wondering how we got here.

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Making Do

It's a Mystery...

Let me say something about the current crop of young minds. God help them, because it’s doubtful they are equipped with the tools or temperament to help themselves.
Thousands of college children (certainly not “young adults” by their behavior) are conducting protests, “cry-ins” and group therapy sessions because a person they’ve been TOLD to hate won an election they mostly didn’t bother to vote in. In some cases, these protests have become full-fledged riots, destroying property and injuring innocent folks. We should have expected no other outcome, when every participant gets a trophy, and getting their way takes precedent over healthy competition. They’ve been conditioned to expect never to lose, so they have not learned how to accept a setback and move on with life.
In contrast, I’ll tell you about a different generation. My father was one of fourteen children raised on a farm. At least one other sibling…

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