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Whenever any catastrophe takes place, it is in us to want to do something. Like when an airliner hit a bridge here in 1982, leaving passengers and crew to brave the frozen Potomac; when an airliner hit the Pentagon in 2001. How I felt drawn, somehow, to do something! (For the former, all I could do was watch it unfold; for the latter, all I could do was gather supplies for the first responders.)

I doubt, realistically, that our puny guns could ever be successfully used to overcome the technology and force of a Government which we have allowed to become so insidious. There are those who say we gun owners have a “disconnect” when we say that it’s the person, not the gun, who is the problem. I believe that term applies more to those who think that confiscating all personal arms would make that big a difference. For every breathing person in the U.S., there is 0.84 gun. MILLIONS of guns. Scary? Why? How many horrible attacks take place amid all those guns? Very few, no matter how horrible. (“A few” is too many, yes.) How many, however, are perpetrated by the law-abiding citizens? Less than a few.

If guns were totally removed from our society, as with an eraser, and none were left even to the lawbreakers, the ones who wished to commit such acts would find another method. Home-made explosive devices, anthrax, viruses, any of which – if the evildoer simply keeps his head down and his mouth shut – would wreak way more terror, death, and heartache on our nation than does gun violence.

Our nation is, even now, pulling down plaques and monuments with the simple Ten Commandments, and it has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with a mindset which has turned (repented, if you will) from a respect for authority (parents, God, police, ad infinitum) and for one another, even for human life itself, toward an elevating of the individual above the common good. Until that tide is stemmed and turned, nothing you do will fix the problem.

Lastly, it’s all about what’s convenient to you. About 35,000 lives are lost in vehicular accidents in the United States each year, yet you never hear or read of anyone putting forth legislation to reduce the number of automobiles on the streets. Why? Because of convenience (and somewhat for the economy). I don’t “need” a gun? Your teenager doesn’t “need” access to a car; teach them to walk and use public transportation. After-school activities? Limit them. (Gasp!) Soccer Mom doesn’t “need” a car; do like we did when I was a kid: plan trips and do it all after the wage-earner gets off work. (I can hear the screams!)

See? YOU don’t have guns, so let’s take away the guns. It becomes another “liberal” mantra instead of a workable solution.


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